Regarding PS 5 Must Know: Price, Specifications and When to Release

PS 5

Playstation 5 or PS 5 will be released in the 2020 holiday season in the United States. Certainty was conveyed directly by Sony on the official website. Quoted from TechRadar, during the holiday season in the land of Uncle Sam around October-December 2020.

However, even though it is still several months launched, today the keywords PS5 or PS 5 are ranked first in Google Trend. Netizens and game enthusiasts seem curious about Sony’s plan to launch the PS 5 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Concerns about the impact of COVID-19 on the launch of this latest game technology answered directly through the official Play Station website. Quoted from TechRadar, Sony finally leaked the form of PS 5 console games plus the type of games that can be played.

Previously, Sony had leaked DualSense PS 5 or a controller that has advanced technology plus prioritizes comfort when playing. This controller design was similar to the PS 5 form that will be launched.

Some info that makes netizens curious, for example, when PS 5 is released, specifications, and prices. Here are the leaks.

  1. When was PS 5 released?

On its official website, Play Station states PS 5 will be released in the 2020 holiday season in America. Quoted from TechRadar, the period is usually between October-December 2020. If the release schedule in America is known, when will PS 5 be released?

Detailed information of course still has to wait for the latest news from the manufacturer of the game technology. But it usually doesn’t take long until PS 5 can be enjoyed by the.

  1. PS 5 specifications

PS 5 specifications can be estimated from various types of games that can be played for example new entry Spider-Men, sequel Horizon Zero Dawn, and Resident Evil 8. Almost all games on PS 4 can be played on PS 5 so that you don’t have to worry about losing your favorite game because you change consoles.

PS 5 is also very compatible with the latest virtual reality or VR technology developments. Another specification on the PS 5 is DualSense which includes features of haptic feedback sound technology, adaptive triggers, and an internal microphone. The controller design looks very different from the previous series, with a black and white color scheme.

  1. Price of PS 5

The price of PS 5 up to now is still just an estimate at the price of 499 US dollars or 449 pounds. Further information about prices is expected in July 2020.

With these estimates, what is the approximate price of PS 5? The price of PS 5 2020 is not yet known and is still awaiting a statement from Play Station. But with this range, netizens and gamers can start saving money so they can get PS 5 immediately after launching.

  1. Pre-order Sony PS 5?

Sony PS 5 pre-order schedule is around June-July 2020 sign up for notification at Best Buy or GameStop first. Pre-order does not guarantee that you will immediately get PS 5 product after launching. However, notifications allow you to be the first to know the latest developments in PS 5, especially if you are interested in getting it.

PS 4 records the success of the pre-order with the seller successfully marketing the product within a few weeks. PS 5 can repeat a similar history despite having more competitors.

  1. Effect of COVID-19 on PS 5 prices and pre-orders

Sony as a producer of PS 5 is said to be very worried about the effect of COVID-19 on the price and sales of its products. But Sony reportedly changed its schedule and habits when launching PS 5, which is likely to be applied to the next PS series launch.

With this solution, Sony can still launch PS 5 during the holiday season but with a very limited edition. Sony also didn’t hold a big event to launch the PS 5.

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