These are the different DNA tests you could perform

These are the different DNA tests you could perform

Everyone knows in general what it means to do a DNA test. But do you specifically know what you could test with a DNA test? There are different things you can get tested. They will be summed up for you.

Family tests

With a DNA paternity test you can find out if a man is your biological father. This can be done during pregnancy as well, with a non-invasive prenatal DNA test. But you could also test whether or not twins are identical or fraternal. Sometimes you would like to know if your alleged sibling and you share the same father. Have you ever doubted if you are descended form native Americans? That can be tested as well. In addition, you could perform an ancestry test to see where your family came from, sometimes down to the village. Would not you like to know where you are coming from? Which place and what the characteristics of your family are?

Fertility tests

Men could perform a fertility test at home, to see whether or not he could get children easily. This can also be done after a vasectomy, to see if everything worked out the way it should have. That is good to know, if you do not want to be surprised one day with an unwanted pregnancy of your partner. If a couple is expecting a baby soon, you can also perform a peekaboo test, so you know the gender of your child as early as seven weeks into pregnancy. Some people just cannot wait to find out. And it can be quite handy to know upfront what gender the baby will have.

Lifestyle tests

Did you know DNA testing can also help you finding out the status of your health? You could do a DNA healthy weight test, to see the responses to different food categories in order to control weight management. Would not you like to know if your body is in a healthy state? You could also do a food and pet sensitivity test, to find out if your body responds to allergens. Sometimes it would be nice to know if you keep having physical complaints. In addition, you can also perform a DNA Skin Care to find out how you can achieve a beautiful, younger-looking skin. Especially for people with acne or rosacea this could be a good option. Are you thinking of doing a DNA test? Now you have learned the differences of all these tests, which one would you choose?

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