Things to Consider Before Tuning Your Engine

Things to Consider Before Tuning Your Engine

Car tuning has to turn out to be increasingly popular after the films like The Fast and The Furious and games like Need for Speed. During the past few years, the quantity of tuning shops, stores, and communities has also fairly increased. There might have come a time when you will also assume about tuning your daily driver or a weekend driver. In this article, I will try to make a short overview of what you should expect when beginning to tune your engine to increase the horsepower output.

There are lots of tuning online stores offering all kinds of kits that promise to increase your engine’s power beginning from a simple cone air filter with a 15 hp increase ending with luxurious turbo kits with a 100-600 hp increase. If you are serious about increasing power, then be organized to spend a lot and forget about those air filters or piggybacks for $50-$250. The solely true power to your engine can convey a turbo kit or a compressor.

The primary turbo kit typically contains an exhaust manifold for a specific car, a turbo, and an intercooler with pipes, a blow-off valve, oil lines, air filter, all kinds of hoses, and gaskets. Depending on your car to be able to deal with extra power increase you may need to change: clutch from unique to sports which handles more torque, head gasket to decrease the compression ratio, fuel injectors, fuel stress regulator, and a fuel pump to handle extra fuel requirements, wastegate, manual or digital boost controller, some unit to tune the air-fuel ratio (a standalone or a piggy-back) and plenty of small stuff which also is not inexpensive like gaskets, hoses, pipes, sensors, etc. Be prepared to spend $4000-$8000 for a full turbo package consisting of non-brand parts. This is the approximate price only for the kit, barring the kit installation work and engine tuning.

When you are growing your engine above the normal 30%, then you should be organized for things to fail. Among the most expensive components are the gearbox and the engine itself. To avoid engine problems I endorse paying a reputable shop for tuning your engine on a dyno stand. Another issue that you might consider is altering engine internals (pistons, rods, valves, rings, etc.) to enforced ones. As for the transmission, try to drive no longer very aggressively.

Tuning your car is a very expensive hobby. Be organized to spend twice or three times more than you anticipate since things constantly tend to go wrong when you assume that you are prepared for everything.

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